Roman Reigns Defeats Brock Lesnar to Retain WWE Undisputed Title in Spectacular SummerSlam Main Event

The main event of WWE SummerSlam was for the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship between The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns and The Beast Brock Lesnar, which would be the supposed final match between the two after their long feud. Reigns had his epic entrance, but Lesnar was not to be denied, bringing a tractor to the ring. The match would proceed to have so many astounding spots, including Lesnar using a Tractor at least 6 different ways and moving the entire ring at one point. Then Lesnar stopped a cash-in from Theory and Reigns and The Usos then had to actually bury Lesnar with everything but the kitchen sink, and that would be how they finally beat him, allowing Reigns to retain the WWE Undisputed Universal Championship.

After Lesnar drove his tractor up to the ring and did his introduction while standing on it, he would cut off Reigns and jumped from the tractor towards him, colliding with him and following it up with a slam to the outside and another slam on the hard concrete. Then Lesnar dumped Reigns over the barricade and then followed it up with a suplex onto the platform. Then he lifted Reigns but Reigns raked his eyes and slammed him into the steel trussing around the ring.

Reigns then went for a move but Lesnar charged forward, slamming Reigns into the steel pillar. Then Reigns collided with a cameraman and Lesnar dumped him over the barricade towards the ring. Lesnar jumped over and chased Reigns, delivering a German suplex onto the floor. Lesnar then got a table from underneath while Reigns was out of it, ad after setting it up Lesnar was interrupted by Paul Heyman. That allowed Reigns to pick up Lesnar and slam him through the table.

Lesnar got to his feet in time for the count, but Reigns hit him in the face with a set of steel steps. Reigns set up another table and lifted Lesnar, slamming him into it and shattering it. Lesnar struggled to get to his feet while Reigns took some time to recover. Reigns got Lesnar back in the ring and charged up for a Superman Punch and it connected, but Lesnar got back on his feet. He hit a second Superman Punch but Lesnar got back up again. Reigns went for a spear and hit it, and the count started.

Lesnar was struggling to get to his feet but he did get up in time. Reigns went for another move but Lesnar caught him only fr Reigns to evade. Lesnar managed to counter his next move and send him through the ropes and into the remnants of the table outside. Lesnar followed and slammed Reigns into another table remnant, and now both were bleeding. Lesnar got back in his tractor and lowered the front. Then he hit Reigns with some steel steps and the count started again. Reigns got to his feet and then Lesnar moved Reigns to the tractor. He put him into the front loader and picked him up in the air.

He then drove him towards the ring and then dumped him from it into the ring. Reigns got to his feet and Lesnar went back in the ring. Lesnar hit a German suplex and then hit another one. A third followed but Reigns beat the count again. Lesnar picked Reigns up again and hit an F5. The count was going again but Reigns got to his feet right at the last second. Lesnar was furious, and he picked up Reigns again only for Reigns to reverse it and get the guillotine locked in.

Lesnar got away and locked in a guillotine of his own. Reigns looked like he passed out and so the official started the count, but Reigns started to move, and got to his feet at the very last second once more. Then Lesnar got in the tractor and lifted the entire ring, rolling Reigns out onto the floor. Reigns beat the count again but The Usos interfered, and Lesnar sent them reeling with suplexes onto the floor. Lenar stalked Reigns but Heyman intervened only to get F5'd through the announcers table. Then Reigns speared Lesnar and the count started again.

Then Theory's music hit and he brought his money in the bank briefcase with him. He slammed it into Reigns' face but Lesnar F5's him before he could cash it in. Then Jey superkicked Lesnar and the count started. Reigns was on his feet and then Lesnar got to his feet at the very last second. Reigns hit the spear again and the count started one more time, and Lesnar beats it again. Reigns took the briefcase and beat Lesnar with it several times, and the count would start once more. Lensar got to his feet yet again, and then Reigns hit him with the Title. Lesnar got to his feet again though, and Reigns looked dejected.

Reigns had his other Title and hit Lesnar in the head with it. Then The Usos and Reigns started burying Lesnar with tables and chairs and steel steps. Reigns even stood on it and they finally got the count. Reigns is still your WWE Undisputed Universal Champion.

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