Ronda Rousey Stellar in TLC Win Over Nia Jax

TLC marked Ronda Rousey's final pay-per-view of her rookie season in WWE and we were left with the same impression that's been obvious all of 2018: Rousey is great.

Jax and Rousey already proved they had good chemistry during their June match at Money in the Bank. This match was just as good as their juxtaposition makes for fun storytelling. Rousey's victory was never in doubt, and after scarring off Tamina Snuka, Rousey slapped on the armbar and Jax immediately tapped.

Like all great Superstars, Rousey is able to connect with fans during her match. For whatever reason, her contests seem to improve the longer they go and tonight was no exception. While most of her bouts may be heavily scripted, that dedication to detail seems to be paying off. Her fights feel different, and that may be because they are.

Rousey will carry her Raw Women's Championship into the Royal Rumble where she'll likely defend it in a high-profile match. Rousey is set for a massive role in 2019. While this year has certainly been impactful, WWE has been cautious about exposing any shortcomings Rousey may have. But after a full year under her belt, Rousey will be ready not just to take the reigns of the Women's Division, but the entire company.

Current expectations have Rousey meeting Becky Lynch at WrestleMania in a history-making main event. We still have a ways to go before that manifests, but at this moment that match is WWE's best bullet. While that feud was supposed to be limited to Survivor Series, Lynch's injury may prove to be serendipitous as their rivalry may indeed get WWE's brightest stage.