Potential Spoiler on Surprise Entrants for 2019 WWE Royal Rumble

Every Royal Rumble has its surprises and a few for this year's event may have just [...]

Every Royal Rumble has its surprises and a few for this year's event may have just leaked.

WrestleVotes—a Twitter account that has broken several WWE stories—just published a trio of names that seemed to be in the cards for a Rumble surprise.

"On the way to PHX for the Rumble! A few names I keep hearing about showing up on Sunday as surprises: Kurt Angle, Bray Wyatt & Velveteen Dream. Nothing set, but those names have been coming up in conversations for the past few weeks. We shall see," wrote WrestleVotes.

All three names, but specifically Velveteen Dream have been heavily implicated for big RUmble moments. Dream is NXT's most promising prospect recent years and his character and talent should play even better on WWE's biggest stages. He currently does not have a match for Saturday's NXT TakeOver: Phoenix, signaling that he simply may have better things to do. Dream has been lobbying on social media for a call-up and it feels like that day is finally upon us.

Wyatt, of course, has been absent since this summer after WWE put his and Matt Hardy's partnership on ice. The Eater of Worlds is rumored for a character change, but in a November cameo at WWE Live Event, Wyatt looked and acted the same. Whether or not he's a new man, it's safe to expect Wyatt at The Rumble.

Angle too has kept a sporadic schedule as of late, but he's been around more than Wyatt. It seems like WWE has been making a concerted effort to keep Angle warm over the last few years, just in case they need him. It appeared he was destined for a clash with Baron Corbin, and while that still may happen, Angle currently does not have a distinct direction. However, of the 30 potential names entering the Rumble, Angle will get one of the loudest receptions, even if he's entering to get tossed out in minutes. We'll guess he participate if not to just ruin Corbin's night.