Rusev Becomes Number One Contender For United States Title

(Photo: WWE)

Looks like the Bulgarian Brute is back in the United States Championship scene as he won an over-the-top battle royale to claim the victory.

The final four men in the match, including Rusev, were former League of Nations members Alberto Del Rio and Sheamus, and recently dethroned Intercontinental Champion Zack Ryder. It looked for a second that Ryder would get a shot at reclaiming the United States title, something he hasn't held in five long years.

With Sheamus eliminated by Del Rio and Del Rio taken out by Rusev, it seemed that Long Island Iced Z could get a shot again after delivering the Rough Ryder to the skull of Rusev. However, it was Rusev who would be the lone man facing down the current US Champion, Kalisto.


Could Rusev reclaim the United States title again? That has yet to be determined.