Rob Van Dam Extremely NSFW Segment Reportedly Got Impact Wrestling Banned From Twitch

Rob Van Dam has had a very adult-oriented run with Impact Wrestling thus far, and a very risque segment this week ended up getting the company banned from Twitch.

RVD's current story revolves around him being recently divorced and dating a woman (Katie Forbes) who also has a girlfriend (Jennifer Barlow). This has lead to RVD and the two ladies spending a lot of time together on screen, with very intimate situations hinted at.

This week, a segment aired featuring RVD in bed with the two women. There were several wardrobe malfunctions where blurring had to be used, and the segment was overtly very sexual. It appears this segment had Twitch pull the plug on the Impact Wrestling channel, as the platform specifically bans sexually explicit and suggestive material. Suggestive would be putting this segment mildly.

Impact has been streaming all of their shows via the platform for several years now, which has been a great assist in viewership while they have aired on various cable networks. Now, if you go to their channel page, it has simply vanished.


The website StreamerBans notes that the channel was taken down on Wednesday evening, one day following this week's Impact episode. The RVD segment in question would seem to be the only thing on the show that could have had the channel pulled.

We'd expect the ban to be lifted at some point, as they usually are for other users on Twitch. However, the news has to be frustrating for a company that relies on the platform for some serious viewership each and every week.

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