Sanga Comments on WWE Release, Claims They Seem "Reluctant" To Push Indian Talent

Sanga comments on his release from WWE.

During WWE SmackDown on April 19, several superstars were released from their contracts, including all of Indus Sher. This came as a shock to many fans as they seemed to be post-WrestleMania releases. Reports later cited budget cuts as the reasoning and a number of factors went into the decision process including not appearing on television, not having any creative, and an upward trajectory based on how long they'd been with WWE.

Sanga has now commented on his release, voicing appreciation for the opportunities given in WWE while also claiming that WWE seemed to only care about viewership when it comes to Indian talent and not showcasing them and giving them proper creative. 

"Hello, my friends. I am Saurav Gurjar. There's a line in the Bhagavad Gita: 'Whatever happened, happened for the good. Whatever is happening is happening for the good. Whatever will happen will also happen for the good.' We are positive, we are hopeful — our whole project 'Simple is Positive' is aimed at positivity," Sanga said in a video shared to his social media. "But let me tell you, when it comes to viewership, you look to our country, India. Whether it's Facebook, YouTube, or TV, the audience is right there. However, when it comes to showcasing Indian talent, you seem reluctant to push it forward, whatever the reasons may be, whether it's creative differences, work styles, or something else."

Sanga continued, noting that representation matters and they promise not to let their country's honor down. "But you need to understand, this matters. We are talking about a nation of 1.4 billion people. Those are 1.4 billion people who appreciate you, who appreciate us. They want to see Indian talents showcased on an international stage. But you're not willing to give those opportunities. From historical times to today, it has always been about giving opportunities. But there will be other opportunities. The people of our country, all 1.4 billion, they fully understand this and there's no need for us to explain further. But thank you very much for all the opportunities you've given and will continue to give. We are happy and we will not let our country's honor down. For that, we are prepared to do whatever it takes."

Sanga had been with WWE since 2018, first as part of the NXT brand where he remained for several years. He only joined the main roster in 2023 where he teamed with Veer before joining forces with Jinder Mahal. In total, he only wrestled about 10 matches on the main roster during his time and his last match was the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal just a few weeks ago.