Sasha Banks Reveals Massive Christmas Bonus Check, Fuels Speculation on Contract

Sasha Banks, along with several of WWE's other top stars, began a holiday season live event tour on Thursday night.

Just one day after Christmas, the men and women were back on the road. Banks was with the SmackDown crew that began their loop in Cincinatti on Thursday evening. The RAW crew was in New York City at Madison Square Garden where a surprising title change happened at the untelevised event.

In a social media post, Banks noted that she was making $250,000 for doing the tour and tagged the WWE on FOX Twitter account in giving thanks for the bonus.

If taken at face value, that is obviously a heck of a bonus for any performer. Making an extra quarter of a million dollars would make any holiday a little bit (okay, a lot) better. However, this post seems to further fuel speculation about Banks' pay and WWE contract situation.

It was reported that Banks signed a new deal with WWE prior to returning to WWE late in the summer. This followed months of speculation about a rift between the two sides which followed Banks leaving after she and Bayley lost the WWE Tag Team Titles to the IIconics at WrestleMania 35. Throughout the spring and early summer, there were numerous reports of the two sides being at a stalemate about her direction moving forward.

Eventually, Banks returned on the August 12th edition of Monday Night RAW, becoming a heel in the process.

Banks has tweeted in the past referring to a new contract with WWE, often thanking Vince McMahon and alluding to her finances. We still don't know the terms of her new deal, though this recent posting about a bonus would seem to play into that speculation.


WWE signed a massive contract with FOX that saw the company's SmackDown brand move to the network. It's possible that large bonuses were given out to talent due to that contract, and it would seem that's what Banks is referring to in the post. However, that is merely speculation at this point.