Sasha Banks Comments on Jon Moxley's Remarks About WWE's Creative Process

Jon Moxley pulled no punches during his appearance on this week's Talk is Jericho, where he fully unveiled all of his frustrations regarding his time in the WWE. Moxley's biggest talking points throughout his interview with Chris Jericho was his issues with the company's creative process, namely how all of the promos are scripted and Vince McMahon has final say on every line of dialogue. He even went so far as to say he wants to prove just how malignant McMahon's creative style is by telling more compelling stories under his new deal with AEW.

"It's killing the company, I think. And I think Vince is the problem," Moxley said. "I want to prove that [WWE's] creative process sucks. It does not work, it's absolutely terrible. I've said that to Vince, I've said that to Hunter, I've said that Michael Hayes. I can't even tell you how their system works, it's some kind of system of meetings that take place in Stamford, then there's a home team. There's writers and producers and production meetings and nobody knows what's approved and what's not."

While no WWE wrestler has made an outright statement regarding Moxley's sentiments, a few have made subtle nods agreeing with Moxley's frustrations. One of those wrestlers turned out to be Sasha Banks, who hasn't appeared on WWE television since WrestleMania and is reportedly in a "stalemate" with the company regarding frustrations with the creative team.

Later on Wednesday afternoon Renee Young posted a photo of herself with Moxley on her Instagram page. Banks commented on the photo by writing, "All good things come to those who stay true" along with a heart emoji.

She then took to Instagram on Wednesday with a pair of inspirational posts.

"You owe it to yourself to become everything you've dreamed of being," Banks wrote in one. She then added a second post quoting the Kendrick Lamar song "Picture Me Rollin.'"


Banks' frustrations with WWE's creative team reportedly surround the treatment of the WWE Women's Tag Team Championships. She and Bayley lost the titles at WrestleMania just 49 days into their reign, and the new champions The IIconics have been frequently booked to lose in non-title matches on television.

Moxley, it's worth noting, went by the name Dean Ambrose as part of WWE until recently.