Sasha Banks and Naomi Defeat Natalya and Shayna Baszler to Retain WWE Women's Tag Team Championships on SmackDown

After weeks of back and forth, it was time for the WWE Women's Tag Team Championship match between Champions Naomi and Sasha Banks vs Natalya and Shayna Baszler. Naomi and Baszler were in the ring first, and Baszler got Naomi down to the ground and targeted the injured arm first. Naomi ducked under a kick and then tagged Banks in, and they teamed up and sent Baszler to the ground after pulling Baszlers arms to the mat. Natalya tagged in and immediately went after Banks, stomping on Banks in the corner. Natalya ended up in the corner and Banks countered a move and slammed her face into the turnbuckle and then sent Natalya reeling and followed it up with a Meteora, but Natalya kicked out of the pin. 

Banks rolled up Natalya next and went for the pin but Natalya kicked out. Banks and Natalya traded roll-ups and then Banks segued into the Bank Statement, but Natalya crawled to the ropes and broke it up. Natalya picked up Banks and slammed her down hard but Banks turned it into a hold only to have Baszler break it up since she had secretly tagged herself in. Baszler looked to have things under control but Naomi broke it up and then Natalya got involved. Baszler would drag Naomi off the apron and go for the injured arm, but she evaded the attack and tagged in. 

Then she hit a Heel Kick and knocked down Natalya, and a Jawbreaker followed. Baszler knocked Naomi down with a kick to the head and then the referee caught Baszler and Natalya using the ropes to help their pin. Naomi attacked Natalya but she dodged and caused the kick to hit Baszler, knocking her out of the ring.

Naomi followed up with a Springboard knee on Natalya and then threw her into their corner. She tagged in Banks and tagged Naomi back in, but then Natalya broke out of the Full Nelson. Naomi then brought Natalya down only to get attacked by Baszler. Then Banks hit Baszler with a Backstabber and that allowed Naomi to hit the finisher on Natalya and secure the win, retaining their Tag Team Championships.

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