Scott Hall Says Hulk Hogan Will Be Back In WWE

It wasn't surprising to see Hulk Hogan ousted from the WWE after the sex tape scandal surfaced, as [...]

It wasn't surprising to see Hulk Hogan ousted from the WWE after the sex tape scandal surfaced, as the company has a precedent for cutting ties with embattled performers when things hit the fan. They also have a pattern of hiring them back after things die down, and there have been rumors that the same could be done for Hulk Hogan.

In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, former WWE, WCW, and NWO superstar Scott Hall broached the topic of Hogan, and to him it's just a matter of time before the legend is back in WWE's good graces.

"Yes, Hulk will be back," said Hall. "After a thirty-three year relationship with the WWE, he had a bad day—and that bad day was nearly ten years ago. That sex tape happened during a brutal time in his life. He was going through a divorce, his son Nick was in a car crash, paralyzed his buddy, and was facing jail time. His daughter was starting her hip-hop career, and Hulk was backing that, paying money out of his own pocket for that. The whole world was coming down on him, and he slipped up. He said the wrong thing. I've been around Hulk a lot and never seen that side of him. I've only seen a kind, generous guy. If the door is not open for him, it should be."

Even with the positive words, it's not like he didn't cross paths with Hogan's ego, which has a long reputation no matter what promotion he resided in at the time. Hall recalls one particular instance of it during their WCW days.

"I won at World War 3, and I was supposed to get the title shot at SuperBrawl," explained Hall. "That was traditionally a big draw for WCW, and I was supposed to be the main event there vs. Sting. But Hulk c---blocked that and he took the main event spot and I never got the title match. That's WCW in a nutshell."

As for current superstars, Hall did mention the impressive 437-day tag team champions reign of The New Day but thinks his Outsiders could have managed a win against them.

"That match would have been a lot of fun," said Hall. "It would have been great, and Xavier Woods—he's the fall guy, right?—would have taken the Razor's Edge."