Seth Rollins Officially Turns Heel, Aligns With AOP on WWE Raw

After weeks of teasing a heel turn but denying any kind of alliance with Akam and Rezar, Seth Rollins finally revealed his true colors on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw. Early on in the show the former world champion made his way out to the ring to challenge the Authors of Pain to a match, only to be greeted once again by a suspicious Kevin Owens (who also has beef with the tag team for attacking him the past two weeks). Rollins, unable to convince Owens he wasn't aligned with them, left as Owens stalked the backstage area looking for the pair with a metal pipe in-hand.

Eventually Owens found the van the two arrived in and battered it with the pipe. He eventually opened the back door and saw a hooded figure seated in the car. Suddenly he was attacked by the two as Seth Rollins revealed he was under the hood.

Rollins told Owens he was "sorry," then hit him with a Curb Stomp on the concrete floor.


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