Sheamus Talks Winning Money In The Bank And Shooting TMNT 2 At The Same Time

(Photo: WWE)

Last week, sat down with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows stars Stephen Farrelly (aka WWE's Sheamus) and Gary Anthony Williams and talked everything from their chemistry, on and off screen, and what it meant to step into the shoes of the famous fan-favorites Beebop and Rocksteady.

Sheamus, though, had an interesting time filming because right as he started shooting the movie last year, he was also the winner of the 2015 Money In The Bank contract. For those uninitiated, the Money In The Bank contract means that you can "cash in" your briefcase anytime for a shot at the world title (which he did in November of last year at Survivor Series to become WWE World Heavyweight Champion).

"I won Money In The Bank and nobody on set understood what was going on with me and a giant gold briefcase," Sheamus said. People were asking him what's in it and he would explain the stipulation and what it meant and it still confused some people.

"When I got the thing, it was unbelievable and there was a lot of great things going on at the same time. The movie, the WWE, and the 'you look stupid' chants, which really put a smile on my face." Sheamus also talked about having to travel with the briefcase and what he had to do to make sure it was safe and also guaranteed a bit of privacy.

"I bought a suitcase to put the gold case in," he said. "When you're carrying this giant gold briefcase that says 'money in the bank' people will go, yeah, let's get him."


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is in theaters now.