Super Bowl 2020: John Cena Helps Jimmy Fallon Train in Michelob Ultra Ad

Michelob ULTRA dropped its commercial for Sunday's Super Bowl LIV event on Tuesday via YouTube, which features former WWE Champion and The Suicide Squad star John Cena alongside The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon. The ad shows Cena helping Fallon exercise via working out at a gym, running on a track, tackling electronic tackling dummies (made to look like Cena), playing golf and playing sand volleyball (with trampolines). Other stars like Usain Bolt, golfer Brooks Koepka, volleyball players Brooke Sweat and Kerri Walsh Jennings and The Roots also make cameo appearances.

The commercial ends with Cena and Fallon drinking the light-calorie beer at a bar, though the latter is also recovering inside of a ice bath. Check out the full commercial below.

Though he teased the idea of showing up in the Royal Rumble on Sunday, Cena hasn't wrestled in a WWE ring in more than a year. During a recent interview with Collider, he talked about not wanting to overstay his welcome in the company now that his acting career is taking off.

"Dude, all this stuff is great, but if it all stops tomorrow, I'm still okay with me," Cena began. "I know the good things that define me and I know the qualities I have as a human being. I'm going to move on and go forward. I know that all this is borrowed. I'm just grateful to have it and grateful to be able to contribute. I don't want to be greedy as a performer and I see that a lot in sports entertainment."

"The movie The Wrestler was centered around a guy who can't let go," he explained. "I'm being a shitty human being because I can't let go of this thing. I invested my life in that company and then there's no one, whether they like my performance or not, that will argue that. I think after the extended period of time that I put in, it's okay for me to take a step back and reflect and be like, "Okay, I need to have more than that in my life because if that's all that defines me, that's a depreciating asset." Every sunset that happens, I get a little slower and a little older and a little slower and a little older and it's eventually going to end."


Other commercials for Sunday's Super Bowl will include Doritos (featuring Sam Elliot), Cheetos (with MC Hammer) and Hyundai (with Chris Evans).