The Club Reunites And Attacks A Returning John Cena On Raw

The Club
(Photo: WWE)

Welcome back, John Cena...and welcome to the New Era.

For months, WWE has been pushing and promoting what is now called the New Era of the company. In the past, we've had the Rock n' Wrestling Generation, then the New Generation, after that the Attitude Era, followed by the Ruthless Aggression Era, then the PG and now we're facing the New Era of superstars. Superstars like Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Kevin Owens, and even established vets like AJ Styles are part of this generation of competitors that will lead the company for the next several years.

John Cena started his career as part of the Ruthless Aggression era and became the face of the PG Era, being highlighted in big matches and carrying the company with some of the older stars stepping away or leaving. His emotional speech on Raw talking about how he was still the golden standard and that the "future has to go through him".

Cue AJ Styles.

AJ, already a 15 year veteran and a big name is own right, was looking to welcome Cena back into the fold, but when Anderson and Gallows descended to the ring, it looked like a tag match was about to unfold, but that's when AJ turned on Cena.


AJ is looking to be one of the faces of the New Era, aiming to push the older stars out and give the newer stars of the company a spotlight.

How do you feel about AJ's heel turn? Does it work or do you think Cena is still the measuring stick of the company?