Watch The Shield Show Their Support for Roman Reigns After Heartbreaking Leukemia Announcement

The Shield stood together for one last time for the foreseeable future after Roman Reigns [...]

The Shield stood together for one last time for the foreseeable future after Roman Reigns announced he would be taking a leave of absence due to a heartbreaking leukemia diagnosis.

Earlier this evening, Reigns revealed to the WWE Universe that he would be relinquishing the Universal Championship after a recent leukemia diagnosis. As fans watched in shock, Reigns announced that he had lived with leukemia for 11 years, but that the disease had recently returned after a lengthy remission.

Reigns has been at the heart of WWE's biggest storylines for years, many of which have involved his staplemates in The Shield, Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins. The three debuted together in the WWE in 2012 and quickly established themselves as one of the greatest factions in wrestling history. While The Shield broke up in 2014, they reunited last year and have stuck together despite injuries, interpersonal tension, and even conflicting goals.

After Reigns made his heartbreaking announcement and formally relinquished the Universal Championship, Ambrose and Rollins came out on stage to support their longtime friend and ally. The three held their fists out in their iconic Shield pose and then embraced as fans cheered on. Both Ambrose and Rollins fought back tears as they hugged, a visible sign of how hard it was to see their real life friend have to battle a potentially deadly disease. You can see the moment below:

As WWE announcer Renee Young (Dean Ambrose's wife) noted afterwards, Reigns and Ambrose had stood together for six years in what she described were some of the best years of their lives. And while the Shield are a wrestling faction, all three noted that their close friendships were 100% genuine.

While recent Monday Night Raw episodes have teased the Shield breaking up, it's possible that plans have changed due to Reigns' recent announcement. After all, who could boo either Ambrose or Rollins after seeing them fight back tears over their longtime friend?

Everyone here at wish Roman Reigns the best and hope for his speedy recovery.