Conor McGregor Challenges Oscar De La Hoya to a Boxing Match

It's been a few years since Conor McGregor stepped inside of a boxing ring for his highly-lucrative fight with Floyd Mayweather. But after seeing some comments made by former world champion Oscar De La Hoya, it looks like the former UFC Champion is trying to get another fight booked. De La Hoya was on a recent episode of CBS Sports' State of Combat podcast and was asked, providing both men meet at an equal weight, what would happen.

"Oh, come on, brother. [I'd win in] two rounds. Because one thing about me, I went for the kill, always," he said. "And look, Conor McGregor is - I love him in The Octagon. I respect him. I watch him all the time. But the boxing ring is a whole different story. It's a whole different story."

McGregor responded via Twitter.

Ironically, when the McGregor/Mayweather fight happened De La Hoya took to Twitter and claimed the two were "disrespecting the sport of boxing."

The fight between Mayweather and McGregor ended via TKO in the 10th round. Since his boxing debut, McGregor has returned to mixed martial arts. After being stripped of his two UFC Championships he tried and failed to beat Khabib Nurmagomedoc at UFC 229 in October 2018. After teasing retirement and finding himself in legal trouble, McGregor returned in January and made quick work of Donald Cerrone at UFC 246.

Dana White claimed in an interview with Jim Rome earlier this week that McGregor was ready for another fight, but he was hesitant to book one while fans are still banned from events due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also shot down the idea of McGregor taking on another outspoken UFC star, Jorge Masvidal.


"The obvious fight for Masvidal is (UFC Welterweight Champion Kamara) Usman. He should be fighting for the title against Usman," White said. "We're locking (Tyron) Woodley in, Woodley is going to fight in a couple of weeks. Either Masvidal wants the fight or (Usman gets) the rematch with (Colby) Covington, I don't know right now. There's a lot of options for that guy.

"People are writing stories like I said yesterday we're going to do Conor vs. Masvidal, I never said that. The guys that I was doing interviews with were pushing me on that and I'm like, 'Yeah that's interesting, anything is possible.' I didn't say that was the fight that was going to happen. People are writing that today, but not true."

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