Watch AEW's Brody King Put Darby Allin Through a Table at Meet and Greet Event

You never know when you'll see a wrestling feud spark up, and it's safe to say no one expected to witness a battle between two AEW stars during a meet-and-greet event. The event took place in Seattle's Southcenter Mall, and AEW's Darby Allin was in attendance and signing autographs. A post from Jerico Valmonte showed images with Allin, and everything looked great, but then he also shared a video that took place before the signing that showed Allin getting Powerbombed through a table by Brody King, and you can watch it all play out below.

The video shows King surprising Allin and knocking him to the floor. Then he picks Allin up and sticks him in a choke hold as the crowd chants for Allin and boos King. He then picks up Allin and powerbombs him through a table full of merchandise and walks away as everyone loses their minds.

A bit later Allin got up and was okay, but odds are he will be seeking out some payback when Dynamite or Rampage roll around next week. The attack by King stems from an encounter the two had on Wednesday's Dynamite, though Allin probably never thought it would all lead to this.

On Dynamite King had a match against AEW Interim World Champion Jon Moxley for the Title after winning the Royal Rampage match the week before, and he defeated Allin to get the win. He would ultimately lose to Moxley on Dynamite, and after he made his way up the entrance ramp, House of Black's leader Malakai Black came out to greet him.

Black was encouraging King when Allin and Sting came out, and as King headed to the back Allin greeted him and told him he earned that shot and he deserves to be in AEW. Allin even offered his hand to King, and after thinking about it a minute, King brushed him off and walked away. Meanwhile Black also stared at Allin a bit as he walked by, and both didn't seem to be too happy about the exchange.

Now we know that is in fact the case, and a King vs Allin feud should make for great TV on Dynamite and Rampage.

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