WOW Women of Wrestling Reveals First Look Clip of Season Finale

WOW Women of Superheroes has been building towards its big season finale, and tonight fans will [...]

WOW Women of Superheroes has been building towards its big season finale, and tonight fans will get to watch two back to back episodes to bring the season to a close. AXS TV and WOW have released a new preview clip of the anticipated episodes, which will feature clashes over the Tag Team Championships as well as the long-awaited throw down between WOW Champion Tessa Blanchard and The Beast, a match she's been trying to avoid all season long. She can't run any longer though, and you can check out the new clip of the season finale in the video above.

Not only will we get two championships matches, but fans will also get a 6-Woman Tag Team Match, a match between Holidead and Princess Aussie, and the long-awaited WOW debut of Teal Piper, and you can check it all out in tonight's back to back episodes.

The first of two action-packed episodes kicks off on AXS TV at 8 pm est/5 pst, and you can find the full description and match card below.

(Photo: WOW)

"It's The Monsters of Madness vs. Adrenaline and Fire. Both teams will test their metal. In the end only one will claim victory as The WOW Tag Team Champions of the World! Will speed overcome power and strength? Or will size dominate the underdogs? One thing is for sure, you will be shocked at the conclusion!"

Card Includes:

6-Woman Tag Team Match - Psycho Sisters, Razor and Fury and Mezmeriah vs. Sassy Massy and Chantilly Chella and Keta Rush
The Disciplinarian (managed by IQ Superior, Samantha Smart) vs. The Pearl of the Philippines, Reyna Reyes
Main Event - Monsters of Madness, Havok and Hazard vs. Adrenaline and Fire

(Photo: WOW)

The second episode of the doubleheader premieres at 9 pm est/6 pm pst, and you can find the full description and card below.

"Since day one when Abilene Maverick "accidentally" poured tea on Stephy Slays, Stephy has endured Abilene's teasing and bullying. After avoiding a match with Stephy on several occasions due to suspicious claims of injury, the match has finally been set. Will the bullying finally get slayed? And after weeks of avoiding The Beast, Tessa Blanchard must put it all on the line to prove she is the industries best in an epic Main Event Match for The WOW World Championship Title. Will The Beast finally make her mark?!"

The Governor's Daughter, Abilene Maverick vs. Stephy Slays
Holidead vs. Princess Aussie
Main Event - The Beast vs. Champion Tessa Blanchard
Plus - Teal Piper makes her WOW on-screen debut

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