WrestleMania 35: WWE Fans Comparing Alexa Bliss Finger Snap to Thanos

WrestleMania 35 kicked off with the master of ceremonies and host Alexa Bliss greeting the audience, but no one was prepared for what was to come next. As fans know, Bliss told the audience that she had them in the palm of her hand, and when they didn't believe her she decided to show them how wrong they were with a snap of her fingers, and some are comparing it to Thanos' famous snap.

Bliss would snap her fingers on stage, and soon after Hulk Hogan would make his return to WrestleMania with a roar. Fans have taken to social media to share just how much Bliss could've done with that finger snap, comparing it to Thanos' universe changing snap in Avengers: Infinity War, and we've included some of our favorites below.

"Thanos😈 snaps his finger, kills off half of the Universe. @AlexaBliss_WWE😇 snaps her finger, get’s #HULKAMANIA Running Wild. Alexa Bliss is an angel!"

"Alexa Bliss got that Thanos snap power! Instead of turning everything into dust she made a racist appear 😭😭😭😭 #WrestleMania"

"Alexa Bliss just killed the vibe with a snap. She Thanos’d us with Hulk Hogan #WrestleMania"

"Alexa Bliss just topped Thanos for the worst finger snap ever. #Wrestlemania35"

"@AlexaBliss_WWE with the Thanos Snap!!

@Avengers @WWE @WrestleMania !!


Leave it to the Goddess to create her own universe dividing snap. While everyone might not love it, you can't argue that she definitely stunned the crowd with that finger snap.

What did you think of Alexa Bliss' introduction? Let us know in the comments!



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