AJ Styles Names Two Legends as Possible WWE WrestleMania 37 Opponents

AJ Styles faced The Undertaker in a Boneyard Match at this year's WrestleMania in what wound up [...]

AJ Styles faced The Undertaker in a Boneyard Match at this year's WrestleMania in what wound up being "The Deadman's" final match in his historic WWE career. So how does "The Phenomenal One" follow-up that performance at WrestleMania 37? The former WWE Champion gave three names on possible opponents — Drew McIntyre (who he lost to at TLC on Sunday night), Edge and Triple H — during an interview with TalkSport's Alex McCarthy.

"If it can't be Drew McIntyre, give me Edge. If it can't be Edge, give me Triple H," Styles said (h/t Wrestling Inc.). "But, of course, a number of other guys are willing to step up if it can't be those matches."

"I want Edge because at the Royal Rumble, he separated my shoulder with that spear. So, it's time that he get some payback. With Triple H, I feel like I'm putting him in a situation similar to The Undertaker [before every WrestleMania]. Will he accept? I don't know. With these guys, I've always gone, 'wow, they're so great,'" he continued. "Even while speaking to them, you realize that the mindset of how they approach things is totally different than a lot of other performers. There's a reason why they're still doing what they're doing."

During the same interview Styles talked about how he found out Undertaker was hanging up his boots.

"Well, as far as the match and him thinking that was going to be his last, I don't think he knew, nor did I, that that was the one that he needed to end on. It just kind of happened and, you know, I literally called him a month after WrestleMania and said, 'Listen, I need to know if you're done.' And, well, he never called me back because I think he was afraid that I'd try to talk him into one more," Styles said.

"He did it on his own term. He didn't have to do it because of an injury or something else. He's the one who said, 'You know what? I'm OK with ending it right here,'" he later added. "And there's something to be said about something like that, because injuries plague this business, you know, and you never know how long you're going to be able to hold out and good for him that he was able to call his own shot."

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