WWE Announces Tag Team Unification Match for SmackDown

Earlier in the night RK-Bro stormed WWE SmackDown and had some shots to deliver to The Bloodline, saying that Roman Reigns always bailed The Usos out when they didn't deliver and that they couldn't make any decisions for The Bloodline. Then Riddle took on Sami Zayn (who has seen himself as an ally to The Bloodline) and defeated him, and The Usos weren't happy about RK-Bro's words or actions. They decided to come out and respond to RK-Bro and their Tag Team Unification Challenge, and they were joined by The Tribal Chief as well.

Reigns then addressed the crowd and asked for his acknowledgments, and the crowd responded in kind. He then said "we've been doing this for a minute. You know the deal. We smash them on Sunday and we come here on Friday to say what's next. Smashed John Cena and said what's next. Smashed Brock Lesnar and came out here the next Friday and said what's next. This one is a bit different. This Sunday we smashed RK-Bro and Drew McIntyre, and now there's no one left," Reigns said.

"No one wants to step up to the mountain here. The Tribal Chief is untouchable. But you see this is where things get interesting. The Usos, my cousins, my blood, they might have somebody next because there's a challenge on the table for these boys, and the question is what are they going to do about it?"

Jimmy took the mic and then RK-Bro's music hit, with the Raw Tag Team Champions coming to the ring. Orton then said "I see you smiling Roman but you didn't smash John Cena. Cena is ten times the Superstar you'll ever be, believe that!" Riddle then said he likes to turn the lights out and set the mood", but Orton cut him off and Riddle said he puts on headphones, and then he said he goes back and watches old matches.

He then said he watched the Backlash match where they lost, and that they needed to make the Unification Title match happen. The crowd was into it. Orton then said that Jimmy and Jey have one brain and he was going to say it slow. "Riddle and I want a Tag Team Title match. We want that match because we're going to take your set of Titles and we're going to have both sets of Titles, and once we have both sets of Titles we will have one set of Titles and we're going to call them the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships. Do you understand the words coming out of meh mouth? I just realized I'm way taller than you by the way," Orton said.

Jimmy asked if they wanted an answer, and said "We accept", and then Jey said "we accept, just not tonight though. Next Friday it's on, and then we'll be the Unified Tag Team Champions." Jimmy then had some parting words and celebrated that they would have six Titles after next week, but then Riddle delivers a knee to Reigns' face and he and Orton booked it out of the ring, sending The Bloodline into chaos as they left SmackDown. It's now official too, as WWE has announced that the Tag Team Unification Match will take place on next week's SmackDown.

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