Bayley Celebrates Championship Milestone by Trolling Michael Cole

Bayley officially surpassed 500 combined days as SmackDown Women's Champion this week, and "The Role Model" celebrated the occasion the only way she knew how — by trolling Michael Cole. The champ has made a habit of shouting at the Blue Brand's play-by-play announcer ever since WWE moved its production to the empty WWE Performance Center, usually telling him to shut up during her matches. She wrote on Monday, "500 days as your WWE SmackDown Women's Champion - suck it Michael Cole."

On top of beginning the 2020 WWE Draft, this week's SmackDown will also feature a championship match between Bayley and Sasha Banks. If the champ can manage to retain against her former best fried, she'll have officially held the title for a full 365 days. The only break in her two reigns as champion came when Charlotte Flair beat her for the title at the 2019 Hell in a Cell, only for her to debut her new look and win the title back five days later.

Back in April Bayley spoke with about how she approached working inside of an empty PC without fans to interact with.

"When we first made our entrance I was thinking in my head, 'Who do I look at and where do I go to?' And then we just played it up as if it was funny that nobody was there and we're so into each other, so into ourselves that it didn't matter," she said. "And the more we went on got into the match, I actually did really start having fun and getting into it because I have my best friend there with me, we can just be idiots together. Then it didn't really matter and we just had to remember that there's millions of people watching on the camera."

Back in early September Bayley brutally attacked Banks, kicking off a feud fans had been waiting for years to see. She then explained her actions the following week.


"Sasha I know that you're watching. Do you think that I'm some sort of idiot. That I didn't know you all these years and I didn't know what you were thinking all along. Who knows you better than me. Nobody. You were waiting for your chance," she said.

"You pretend to be my best friend, but all along you were using me, and do you know how I know that, because I was using you," she continued. "I never cared about you, and I damn sure didn't care about our friendship. I used you every step of the way, and because of you I became Bayley Dos traps, and thanks to you I am the longest reigning Women's Champion. After last week, you are completely useless to me."