WWE's Becky Lynch Calls out Trish Stratus, is Ready for a Match

Earlier this year Becky Lynch jumped in the ring with one of WWE's biggest legends in Lita, and now she is more than ready to throw down with another Legend of the Attitude Era. That would be Trish Stratus, and Lynch talked about the possibility of a match between them during her recent appearance on Drew Garabo Live Featured Cut of the Day. Lynch said she's more than ready to go if Trish wants a battle, and even thew in that when she faced Lita she was facing someone that inspired her, so if she could take down someone she looked up to, imagine what she could do to someone she wasn't that big a fan of. You can read her comments below (via Wrestling News).

"If Trish Stratus wants to go, I am ready to go, but I think she should know that I destroyed her bestie, who I loved, who was my hero, who was my idol. I wasn't a Trish Stratus fan so just imagine what I will do to her," Lynch said.

This seems like the next big step towards an actual match between the two, as they've also been going back and forth on social media for a bit and even got into a small scuffle recently. WWE Live took place in Toronto Canada one weekend, which is Stratus' hometown, and she opened the show both nights of their two-day stay with Kevin Owens as part of the KO Show.

Becky Lynch was also there, defending her Raw Women's Championship against Rhea Ripley on both nights. On the Sunday event, Stratus appeared after the match, and Lynch and Stratus got into it a bit, going back and forth verbally before Stratus slapped Lynch across the face. Then Ripley hit the Riptide on Lynch to cap the night off.

Stratus also addressed Lynch's disrespect towards Lita, who is great friends with Stratus, telling ET Canada "Well, I mean after the disrespect that Becky Lynch showed to my friend, WWE Hall Of Famer Lita, probably her. Only because the opportunity could seem like a possibility. Two, you know, if she happens to be at this live event [in Toronto] and she runs her mouth, you know, I am not doing yoga with her." (via Diva Dirt).

This seems as close as ever to happening, so I'd imagine we get some movement on this in the next few months.

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