WWE's Becky Lynch Addresses Ronda Rousey's WrestleMania Choice

WWE SmackDown was quite eventful as the show wound down to a close, with Ronda Rousey making her first-ever appearance on the Blue Brand. She came out after Charlotte Flair, the current SmackDown Women's Champion, heard from Sonya Deville that Becky Lynch expected a contract to be signed with Rousey for a match at WrestleMania and that the decision was made. That turned out not to be the case, as Rousey ended up choosing Flair for her opponent at WrestleMania, and Lynch recently reacted to the news with a perfectly Big Time Becks response.

Lynch tweeted the video of Rousey choosing Flair and Flair's reaction, and Lynch added the caption "Smart choice, Ronnie. Go for the gazpacho."

As for how it all went down, after Flair was told that the match with Lynch was in the bag essentially, Flair talked about how it was a smart choice, saying it was wise to go with a mom vs mom match and then adding in a few more jabs at Rousey before Rousey came out to the ring.

Rousey got a great reception from the crowd, and she confronted both Flair and Deville on her decision already being made, telling them that the last time she checked she was the one who got to choose her opponent.

Rousey then told Flair "You are just one of many I owe an ass beating to", and then chose her to face at WrestleMania. Afterwards, Flair got a few more shots in, and then left with a vicious line, saying "this title is my baby, and she's prettier than yours."

At that point, Rousey took off her jacket and attempted to attack Flair, but Deville then got in-between and got in Rousey's face, saying that she was in charge, not her. Rousey then flipped her over and probably separated her arm from her shoulder or broke it completely, so we'll have to see what Deville has planned as revenge next week.

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