Big E Gives Latest Update on Dream Match With Goldberg

Big E went viral last year when, while on the episode of The New Day: Feel The Power podcast, he coined the phrase "Big meaty men slapping meat!" while describing his desire to face Bill Goldberg in a dream match. Now that E is the WWE Champion that match feels like more of a reality. E was asked about the possibility in an interview with Sam Roberts this week and openly admitted he never thought it would happen. 

"When I talk about the Goldberg match, I never really thought I was going to get the Goldberg match. Never," E said (h/t Fightful). "When I first started talking about it, I was doing tag stuff, I hadn't done much singles stuff and Goldberg was always in that world. I never really thought it was going to happen, but, it's possible. It's very possible. It's possibly on the table. I don't know how I could turn down just one night, one match. I met this man in the 90s, took a picture with him, stood in line on my way to church with my dad in the late 90s. He was my guy. The fact that he's still around and under contract with WWE, just had an issue with Bobby Lashley, and I now have his title, it's my title now. Why not? Why the hell not? Just for little kid me. It's very possible and making me blush a little."

Goldberg last wrestled for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam last month and had his bout with Bobby Lashley end due to referee stoppage after Lashley repeatedly attacked the WCW legend's knee. A rematch was seemingly set up after the fact when Lashley attacked Goldberg's son Gage. 

"I've got ligament damage and I have an impending knee surgery. Does that answer your question? I really don't care," Goldberg said in a WWE YouTube video late last month. "But what I do care about is that dirty son of a b— Bobby Lashley and what he did to my son at SummerSlam. I just left the house. Gage's shoulder's all jacked up. His neck hurts. God knows what a dude that size could of done to my son. So, the objective's changed. I'm not coming for the WWE championship. I'm coming for Bobby Lashley's soul. And I will rip it straight from his chest."


If WWE wants the Goldberg vs. E match to happen they'll have to either hurry up or get the former WCW Champion to agree to a new contract. He's been operating on a two-matches-per-year deal for the last few years and confirmed ahead of SummerSlam that he only has two matches left on his current contract.