Watch: Bray Wyatt Compares His WWE SummerSlam Match With Braun Strowman to Godzilla vs. King Kong

Bray Wyatt gave a rare (in-character) interview with Charlotte Wilder of FOX Sports this week to help hype up his upcoming Universal Championship match with Braun Strowman at SummerSlam. Wyatt has been trying to get Strowman to join him (and take his Universal title) since Money in the Bank, and recently it looks like he succeeded in bringing Strowman back to the dark side. "The Monster Among Men" showed off a new look on this past week's SmackDown and seemingly turned heel by hitting Alexa Bliss with a Gorilla Press. Wyatt acted completely innocent when asked about Strowman's turn.

"Ever since he shaved his head, he's been in a really bad mood. I love Braun like a brother would love a brother. I just don't know what's gotten into him. Maybe he has a cavity or something, we can all fix and help him."

He was then asked about what will happen when Strowman steps in the ring with The Fiend.

"It's kind of like Godzilla vs. King Kong. So I'm excited to watch it as a fan, sitting back here on the edge of my seat. I really don't know how any kind of ring or any building could hold something like that, to keep those beasts in line. But I'm intereseted in this ThunderDome thing, and if it's up to par with what's going to be happening here."


"I can definitely say one will leave, and one will not," he later added.

The full interview had Wyatt addressing a number of topics, including his advice for Dominik Mysterio against Seth Rollins ("Don't die!"), NFL quarterback Derek Carr and his predictions for next year's Super Bowl (Las Vegas Raiders vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers).