WWE's Brock Lesnar Tries to Impale Roman Reigns and The Bloodline with a Forklift on SmackDown

Roman Reigns kicked off tonight's episode of WWE SmackDown, and he started talking trash immediately about Brock Lesnar, specifically him giving Lesnar a brutal and bloody beatdown at Madison Square Garden. Then Paul Heyman showed Reigns his phone and revealed that Lesnar's plane was grounded after a weather issue in Saskatchewan, and so Lesnar will not be at SmackDown for their planned face-to-face. The crowd started chanting "we want Lesnar" and Reigns looked a little confused, saying "Charlotte, trust me I understand, I fulfill my obligations, I want Brock to be here as well."

"But think about this. Let's not blame Brock and the weather and the private jets, that's a business decision. That man's scared of me. He's scared of the Head of the Table, and as he should be. I've said it before and my shirt says it now, I'm in God Mode, and there's not a man that can touch me."

Heyman interrupted again but Reigns brushed him off and Heyman tried to give him some information. After Reigns brushed him off again, Heyman insisted, and then said that the report says that Lesnar is landing now.

Reigns asked where he was landing, and Heyman said here. Turns out he was already in the air, and so The Bloodline then hit the cars and tried to leave. That's when they heard a horn, and they scrambled to get inside the car.

We then see Brock Lesnar rumbling towards the car in a Forklift, and he looked absolutely giddy about it. Reigns shut the door in time but the Forklift didn't care, as the forks on the forklift went right through the windows. Lesnar just tried to impale The Bloodline with a Forklift it would seem, and then we see him lift up their car with them inside and shove it around backstage, flipping it on its side and then pushing it some more.

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