WWE: Charlotte Flair and Andrade El Idolo Have Reportedly Split Up

A new report has indicated that WWE superstar Charlotte Flair and AEW's Andrade El Idolo have split, a report that comes from Bodyslam.net. The report says that multiple sources have confirmed that they are no longer together and that it was Flair who ended the relationship. The report does not indicate why the relationship ended though this comes after El Idolo unfollowed Flair on his social media accounts, and since then he also deleted photos with Flair from social media. Ric Flair had always talked positively about El Idolo as well (and even accompanied him to AAA Triplemania), but since his podcast relaunched he hadn't mentioned him, which some have thought was odd.

Update: Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc. took to Twitter on Sunday night with his own sources claiming the opposite was true and that the pair are still together. Neither have commented about the situation. 

Flair and El Idolo have been a couple since 2019, and earlier in 2020, they announced they were engaged. When they started dating they were both in WWE, but even after El Idolo departed to AEW they have traveled together, with Flair being in attendance for several of El Idolo's matches.

Breakups are never easy, especially when the relationships are so far along, so we wish both Flair and El Idolo well and hope they are in better spirits soon.

Over in the kayfabe wrestling side of things, Flair gave an interview to The Masked Man Show about misconceptions from the fans about her passion and the differences between her in-ring persona and her real life.

"I take it personal that the audience can't see the passion that oozes out of me every single Friday or Monday or pay per view," Flair said. "Or that I just main evented the UK tour every single night with Sasha Banks. You can't rise to the top with short-lived attention and I have spent the last 7 years earning this spot. I don't get hot one minute; cold another. I am the consistent diamond of this division. What I mean by that is I am unbreakable."

"I am also a human being," Flair said. "My real name is Ashley Fliehr. Charlotte has been the [focal] point since 2015. We've told the audience that she's entitled. We've told the audience that she's Ric Flair's daughter. We've told the audience all these things constantly. And Charlotte is the 12-time women's champion. Ashley, the human, just wants to live her dream for her brother and succeed. And I think people can't turn that off."