WWE Star Criticizes Triple H For Not Following Through on Teased Storyline

MVP is not happy at the lack of Hurt Business reunion resolution.

What ever happened to The Hurt Business? Shortly into the pandemic, WWE brought Bobby Lashley together with MVP, reuniting the pair for the first time since they worked alongside one another in TNA. It wasn't long before the duo became a trio, as Shelton Benjamin linked up with Lashley and MVP to solidify the group as a stable known as The Hurt Business. Cedric Alexander joined the ranks in Fall 2020. The Hurt Business ran WWE Monday Night Raw for the subsequent months, once holding both the WWE Championship and Raw Tag Team Titles, before abruptly splitting up just weeks prior to WWE WrestleMania 37.

Over the next couple of years, WWE would tease reuniting The Hurt Business. The Triple H regime especially seemed keen on bringing the squad back together, as MVP was spotted in the background of WWE Monday Night Raw segments having discussions with the group's former members. Those teases ultimately went nowhere.

MVP Blasts Triple H For Not Reuniting The Hurt Business

MVP is not happy about the lack of The Hurt Business on WWE programming.

Taking to Instagram, MVP responded to various comments that were pushing for The Hurt Business to come back together.

"Triple H had the power to fix it. He chose not to. Go figure," MVP replied to a comment blaming former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon for the group's sudden dissolution.

"I'm not," MVP replied to a comment that expressed shock that Triple H would not want to reunite The Hurt Business.

There's no word on why WWE did not follow through with those 2022 teases of reuniting The Hurt Business. At the time, Bobby Lashley was the only former member of the group that was preoccupied with storylines, as he was either holding or pursuing the WWE United States Championship. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin continued to tag together but without the backup of MVP or association of Lashley.

Lashley is currently linked up with The Street Profits in a three-man unit called The Pride. The trio competes on WWE SmackDown and captured a victory at WWE WrestleMania 40 over The Final Testament (Karrion Kross and Authors of Pain). Lashley has not competed since May 5th as he is currently out of action with an injury, which forced him to miss the King of the Ring tournament.

MVP recently shared that he is undergoing stem cell therapy in hopes of getting back in the ring for "one last run."