WWE's Damien Priest Knew Fans Would Go Crazy Over Rhea Ripley's Dominik Mysterio Attack

Judgement Day has been the source of several unforgettable moments already since their introduction in WWE, and the latest amazing moment was courtesy of Rhea Ripley. During a recent Monday Night Raw, Ripley attacked Dominik Mysterio and took him down in the ring by choking him out with her legs. The moment quickly went viral on social media and has been shown on WWE TV several times since it happened, and in a new interview with Sportskeeda Wrestling, Damien Priest revealed that they knew the moment would end up being huge as soon as the idea was discussed.

"That was one of those that, when we talked about what we wanted to do, we were very, especially Rhea, she was like, 'Oh my god, my creep fan base are gonna go crazy over this.' We knew what was gonna happen," Priest said. "They did. The next day, we were just laughing hysterically about it it. She was like, yeah, pretty much what we thought would happen. She was like, 'I knew it.'

"It was like let's do it, then. Let's give them something to talk about, which is what we try to do anyway and just make sure people talk about us tomorrow, next week, next year. That's the goal, right, and let's do it in a cool way, and she did it. Because we did our business, she choked him out, and we were telling a story," Priest said.

Priest also added that there's not much Rhea can do that doesn't garner some kind of attention, and few people just have the mix of badass and cool that she does.

"There's the other side where it's like well, let's do something that, if will draw more attention. There's little Rhea can do that doesn't get attention. Nobody like her. She's just imposing, she's gorgeous, badass, cool. Everything that you want out of a superstar, Rhea's got it," Priest said.

We'll have to wait and see what happens with this storyline next, but odds are Ripley is going to have a standout moment in whatever it ends up being, and we can't wait to see how things play out.

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H/T Fightful