WWE's Doudrop Talks Journey to Becky Lynch Royal Rumble Title Match, Reveals Dream Live-Action Disney Role, and More

There's a lot of gold up for grabs at WWE's Royal Rumble this weekend, including the Raw Women's Championship. It's been a rollercoaster ride for Doudrop over the past few months, and she capped it off by defeating Bianca Belair and Liv Morgan to earn a shot at the title at the Rumble. Tomorrow night she'll get her chance to take on Becky Lynch for the Raw Women's Championship and take the gold for herself, and she is more than up to the challenge. ComicBook.com had the chance to talk to Doudrop ahead of her big Rumble battle, and during that conversation, we talked about how this match against Lynch has been years in the making, as w3ell as that memorable tag moment on Raw, what surprise entrant she would love to see in the Rumble and more!

While Doudrop hasn't been part of Monday Night Raw for that long a time, the match against Becky is one she's wanted for years, 15 in fact. Now she's getting her chance to against a dream opponent, and while she didn't quite know what to expect, so far she's loving every minute of it.

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"I mean, I'm not sure what I ever expected it to be, but it has been really awesome thus far. I think we have a little bit of mutual respect for each other because we have similar backgrounds," Doudrop said. "We both come from ... she comes from Ireland. I come from Scotland. We come from small towns, and in those countries, which are considered small countries as it is. So we're coming from like the middle of nowhere."

"And we both put in the work on the independent scene and then traveled the UK, Europe, Japan, and America. And I think when you have two people that put in the work like that, there is just like a mutual understanding, but you also know that it takes a lot of mental and physical fortitude to do those things and that you have to appreciate the toughness that comes with a person for doing that," Doudrop said.

While Lynch has been a dream opponent for Doudrop, this newest evolution of Lynch into Big Time Becks wasn't something she planned for, though Doudrop appreciates how she's always still authentically Becky.

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"I kind of appreciate it because I like the character development, but also at the same time, the authenticity that she brings with it," Doudrop said. "I feel like all these characters that she's had are just like different facets of her personality, and that's how I like to be as well. I really try to be authentic in everything that I do, and yeah, I'm playing different characters, but it's just different sides of our own personalities."

During a recent promo, Doudrop mentioned that she's gotten herself into the title picture in a rather short amount of time, and when I asked what her greatest challenge has been thus far in her run on Raw, it comes down to not letting all of it overwhelm her.

"I think the biggest challenge overall is just trying to maintain the correct mindset because I think a lot of people forget ... I have been given a lot in a short period of time, and I'm eternally grateful, but it is a lot. You know what I mean? It's a lot to wrap your head around. It's a lot to go from living in a house in the middle of nowhere in Scotland, to now, about to have a main event match at the Royal Rumble. It's a drastic change of environment, and it can psych you out. It can really get in your head. I'd say that's where I've had to do the most work, just being comfortable in these uncomfortable situations and not letting myself be overwhelmed. I'm inches away from achieving my childhood dreams. You know what I mean? Every kid, when they started to watch wrestling, dreams of holding that Championship, and I'm literally inches away from that now as well."

Doudrop has already gotten some hits in on Becky ahead of the Rumble during a recent Tag Match on Raw. Doudrop and Lynch were paired up together in the match, but as Lynch was about to get the winning pin, Doudrop attacked her and then tagged herself in, though there was a hiccup during that process. She didn't expect it to become such a big topic afterward, but just in case, she decided to stay away for a bit. "I'll be honest. I stayed away from social media that day. I was like, 'You know what? I don't need to look. It's all right. It's Everything's so good," Doudrop said.

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Part of the fun of Rumble matches is never knowing who will show up, and a perfect example of this is Johnny Knoxville's inclusion in the Men's Rumble, which Doudrop couldn't be more thrilled about. "I love Johnny Knoxville. Oh, my God. I'm possibly going to have, to have a little bit of a moment. I've been in love with Johnny Knoxville since I was about 10 years old," Doudrop said.

Now, if Doudrop could pick her dream Royal Rumble entrant from any genre or franchise, she has a name in mind that would cause quite a stir and definitely get people talking in both the WWE and UFC fandoms. "Ooh. Okay. Let me have a think. Let me have a think. Who's my ... Hmm. I think he's been getting a lot of flack online recently, but I'd love to see somebody like Joe Rogan. Do you know what? I think that'd be fun because I think, he thinks he's tough stuff. But maybe coming in and getting in a little bit of a bout wouldn't be so bad," Doudrop said.

Doudrop also happens to be a huge Disney fan, so we had to know what Disney character she'd love to play in one of Disney's live-action remakes. The answer is easy for her, especially since there is a distinct lack of great merchandise for one particular film.

"My favorite Disney character ... I mean, I'm not the right person for this at all, but if I could, I would love to be Pocahontas," Doudrop said. "Yeah. I'm a massive Disney fan, and Pocahontas is my favorite Disney film ever. See, when you think about it, when you go into Disneyland and all the stores and stuff, there's loads of merch for everything except Pocahontas. There's never any Pocahontas merch, and I think it's like the greatest message of all, like follow your heart."

This is how I feel about Oliver & Company constantly, and Doudrop gets it, adding "I love that movie too."

You can watch Doudrop take on Becky Lynch at the Royal Rumble, which streams live on Peacock Saturday, January 29th at 8 PM EST, with the kickoff show starting at 7 PM EST.

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