WWE Clash of Champions: Drew McIntyre Retains WWE Championship Against Randy Orton in an Ambulance Match

Drew McIntyre successfully retained his WWE Championship against Randy Orton yet again at Clash of Champions, this time in an Ambulance Match. The champ wound up getting help from Big Show, Christian and Shawn Michaels throughout the match before nailing "The Legend Killer" with a Claymore and a Punt Kick. Ric Flair, yet another of Orton's recent victims, celebrated by driving the ambulance out of the arena for Drew.

Early in the match Orton set up for the Punt Kick while McIntyre sold his injured jaw. Suddenly a giant fist popped out of nowhere and grabbed Orton's leg, and the camera pulled back to reveal it was a returning Big Show. The giant grabbed Orton and chokeslammed him through the commentary table, getting payback for the punt Orton gave him a few months back.

The two then gradually made their way to the ambulance. McIntyre blocked Orton's attempt to nail him with the driver's side door. The champ booted the door clean off its hinges with a Claymore Kick.

The pair brawled their way backstage, where McIntyre got another assist from a former Orton victim in Christian.

Eventually, the fight made its way back to the ambulance, resulting in Orton tossing McIntyre into the windshield


Orton then found himself on top of the ambulance, and turned right around into a Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels. "The Heartbreak Kid" then pushed Orton off the truck onto a table below.

"The Viper" was still on the verge of victory when he RKO'd McIntyre on the concrete floor, but the big man stopped Orton from closing both doors. He then nailed a Claymore and a Punt Kick before slamming both doors shut.