WWE Extreme Rules: Bray Wyatt vs Braun Strowman Swamp Fight Brings Back The Fiend

The big main event of tonight's WWE Extreme Rules was the Swamp Fight between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt, and while it started off normally enough, it didn't take long for it to devolve into something crazy. Braun initially confronted Bray sitting on his rocking chair, but soon he was confronted by a past version of himself in the sheep's mask, who knocked him out with a shovel. Strowman would awake chained to a chair in Wyatt's house, and yes, it got crazier from there.

Wyatt would tell Braun that he's proud of him and that he made something of himself, though he also said his success is borrowed and temporary. He asked Braun who would have his back when his 15 minutes are over and used that to tell him where he belongs.

Wyatt told Strowman that humanity is an infection and that Braun is like him. He's special and doesn't understand, and that's why Braun needs him. They can rule like Gods if they join forces, and then starts talking even more nonsense.

Bray kept taunting Braun but then decide to show him something truly scary and brought out a serpent, which was held by a hooded figure. The serpent then struck and bit Braun, and he woke up by a campfire and beat on two mystery thugs.

One of them was accidentally set on fire, and Braun just laughed at him until he could clear his head. He then heard a voice telling him he didn't have to do this and that he could come home. It turned out to be Alexa Bliss, who said "you know we've always wanted to be together" and "this is what you've always wanted".

She fades away and out of the mist comes Bray, but Braun hits him and stuns him. He puts Bray in a boat and lets it sail down the river. The boat comes back though with no one in it.

Braun investigates and finds no one, but is surprise attacked by Bray. Bray tries to drown Braun and eventually, Braun stops struggling, but after a bit he comes to and moves out of the water.

After seeing some horrific visions Bray attacks Braun but Braun dodges. They keep fighting, and eventually, Bray unleashes several bat shots on Braun and starts to talk, but Braun gets up and marches towards him. Braun kicks Bray into the water before he can strike again, and all goes quiet.

Bray leaps up out of the water and grabs Braun by the mouth and drags him down into the water. Nothing happens for a bit, and then we see a figure rise up out of the water and splashes back in. We then see what's happening underneath the water, and The Fiend rises out of it, laughing diabolically.

Here's the official rundown of Extreme Rules:

The New Day vs Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura - Tables Match

Braun Strowman vs Bray Wyatt - Wyatt Swamp Fight

Drew McIntyre vs Dolph Ziggler - WWE Championship Match

Asuka vs Sasha Banks - Raw Women's Championship Match

Bayley vs Nikki Cross - SmackDown Women's Championship Match

Rey Mysterio vs Seth Rollins - Eye for an Eye Match


Apollo Crews vs MVP - U.S. Title Match

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