WWE Hall of Famer Manager Mr. Fuji Passes Away


(Photo: WWE)

WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji, real name Harry Fujiwara, passed away this morning, WWE reports. He is most notable for being one of the top heel managers of the Rock 'n Wrestling era of the 1980's. He was 82.

Before he began his managerial role, Fujiwara was already a celebrated in-ring competitor that had captured more than a dozen championships across a multitude of NWA territories. He is also a recognized five-time WWE World Tag Team Champion. As a manager, he was known for being notorious ring side and having a trademark of throwing salt in his client's face. This tactic helped Yokozuna win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania IX from Bret Hart, but also caused him to lose to Hulk Hogan minutes later.

Aside from Yokozuna, Fuji managed a who's who of wrestling legends including George "The Animal" Steele, The Magnificent Muraco, Kamala, and Owen Hart.


His career will be looked at by different generations for different reasons but Mr. Fuji without a doubt, he is one of the most distinguishable characters in WWE history.