Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows Think WWE Would Have Failed Miserably Booking The Bullet Club

When AJ Styles, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson all left New Japan Pro Wrestling for the WWE in 2016, the pair were apart of the wildly popular faction known as The Bullet Club. The three, along with the faction's original leader Finn Balor, teased the idea of the faction making its way to WWE in some form or fashion multiple times, but the closest they ever got was as either The Club or The OC. Gallows and Anderson have since departed from the WWE and have already confirmed that they're heading back to New Japan, where they'll either rejoin the faction or (possibly) feud with the new regime that runs the group.

During an interview with ComicBook this week the pair were asked a hypothetical question — if WWE had bought the rights to all of the Bullet Club's copyrights and brought the faction into the company, would it have worked? Neither man thought things would've ended well.

"I don't know if it would be a full commitment," Gallows said.

"I would say, with that's happened in the last three or four months, I would say it would have been a full blown fumble," Anderson added. "It wasn't created by them, and they would have fumbled the f— out of it."

The two were also asked where they think the group ranks in the pantheon of great factions.


"I think it's got to rank pretty damn high, right? Yeah, you go ahead," Gallows said. "But here we are seven years later, it's still rocking and it's going to continue. I don't know a lot of factions in the history of wrestling factions that can say that."

"I think that a lot of people think that something doesn't get its validation unless it's in WWE, right?" Anderson said. "There's of course D-Generation X and nWo, and The Four Horsemen and Evolution, that's all the biggest you're going to see, because the WWE created that and helped it get to where it is. And if Bullet Club would have, if they would have bought the Bullet Club name and brought the Bullet Club in, it would easily have been number one up there. You can't say it wouldn't. But to be as big as it got outside of the WWE, and never touched foot in the WWE, makes it even cooler, I think. And that's why I rank it a hundred percent number one, when it's at its absolute full force. It was and is a true rebel faction that functions outside of those television walls, and got as big as it did, and continues to have momentum."