WWE Announces 2021 King of the Ring and Queen's Crown Tournaments

WWE officially confirmed on this week's Friday Night SmackDown that not only will the King of the Ring tournament be returning in the near future, but the first-ever Queen's Crown Tournament will soon begin. Both single-elimination tournaments will begin next on next week's SmackDown, which is being dubbed the show's season premiere. WWE has not held a King of the Ring tournament since Baron Corbin won the crown in 2019, though Shinsuke Nakamura won the title of "King" earlier this year by beating Corbin for his crown. 

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One person who has pushed incredibly hard to compete in King of the Ring in the past is Xavier Woods. The New Day member explained why in a recent interview on the Into The Danger Zone podcast. 

"Seeing things dealing with the medieval times and the medieval era and anything that has those kinds of vibes, there's usually a situation where the king is like, challenged to a fight or somebody wants to like challenge or authority, whatever. The king selects a champion to fight for him," Woods said (h/t Fightful). "That tells me champions don't have kings. But kings have champions. Making kings have more power than the champion, a champion works for a king, a king works for no one. Think about the long, long, long, long lineage of people that have held the Heavyweight Championship that's a lot. Even to this point, the Universal Championship. That's a lot of people.

"To me, the crown is a representation of passing the test. The Heavyweight Championship is a representation of climbing the mountain and beating the person on top, extremely important. As an academic. I want to be tested. I want my test, my Scantron, to do my essay. Let me present in front of the class, test me. Test me so I can know if I will pass or fail, so I know. I don't necessarily think that I've earned anything because I have yet to be tested in the way that I feel a king would be tested. That's why I want it so bad. Because, yeah, it's cool to have the crown and do a gimmick and all this stuff with it. But on a deeper note as like a human as Austin Watson, I want that test so that I can know. So I've talked all this stuff about King of the Ring and all this stuff. But if I went out and just underperformed. Alright, cool. I know now and I'll shut up. But like, you want a draw? That to me is it. Winning one match? Anybody can win one match on a given day, winning a full tournament on one night? That's not something that happens at random to anyone."