NBA Champion Cuts Amazing WWE SummerSlam Promo

The WWE hasn't been shy about taking athletes and celebrities from other parts of the pop culture stratosphere and adding them to their roster, with this year's SummerSlam seeing Logan Paul and Pat McAfee proving themselves in the rings against some of World Wrestling Entertainment's biggest heavy weights. Currently, with the SummerSlam festivities beginning in Nashville, Tennessee in preparation for Saturday's main event, a major name within the NBA has apparently cut a promo as a part of the "tryouts" for the WWE, potentially prepping the ball player to join the squared circle.

Dwight Howard has had a long history within the National Basketball Association, most notably perhaps known for his time with the Los Angeles Lakers. First beginning his career with the Orlando Magic in 2004, Howard has been titled a champion quite a few times during his basketball career, though this latest promo proves that there is a love for professional wrestling that the Laker is looking to explore. Hilariously, the ball player cut his promo taking on the personality of "Shonuff", the legendary villain of the movie known as The Last Dragon, which arrived in theaters in 1985 but remains a cult classic to this day.

Our own Connor Casey, who is currently attending the WWE Tryouts in Nashville, took the opportunity to film the new hilarious promo from Dwight Howard in which the NBA star began cutting down his many competitors with some biting commentary:

While McAfee and Paul are just two examples of celebrities that made the leap to the WWE, Ronda Rousey might be one of the most successful examples of an athlete joining World Wrestling Entertainment and becoming a superstar. The former MMA star is set to fight for the Women's Title during this year's SummerSlam against Liv Morgan, proving how far someone can go in the WWE when they make the leap from one type of sport to another. 

As it stands, no official word has been shared regarding Dwight Howard possibly joining the WWE, but perhaps he might make his first official appearance in World Wrestling Entertainment this weekend.

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