WWE NXT's Cameron Grimes Earns Final Spot in North American Title Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver

Tonight's NXT closed out with the Last Chance Triple Threat match, which would decide if Roderick Strong, Cameron Grimes, or A-Kid would take the last spot in the North American Championship Ladder Match at Stand & Deliver. They all utilized caution at first and then exchanged holds but they kept getting broken up as did the quick pins. Grimes nocked down both competitors but Strong went for a hold only to have A-Kid break it up, and then all three ended up in their corners. Grimes let off a taunt and then a huge kick to Strong and then A-Kid knocked them both down with kicks.

Strong got A-Kid in the corner and hit a massive chop, and then he threw Grimes into the corner who sent A-Kid reeling into Strong and A-Kid then sent him reeling towards the corner. Then Grimes picked up A-Kid and A-Kid knocked Strong for a loop with a kick to the chest.

Then Grimes was in control and A-Kid bounced back with a dive toward Strong only to have Grimes kick him in the head. Strong then picked up Grimes and slammed him down to the floor. Solo Sikoa then came out and loomed over all three as they went to get back in the ring. Strong went for A-Kid's face and kicked Grimes back out to the floor. A-Kid then got some space and hit some punches before trying to lock in a submission. Strong then picked him up and reversed what looked like an armbar. Grimes then jumped in but Strong kicked him and knocked him back.

Then Strong picked up A-Kid's feet and sent him head first into the ropes. Strong kept Grimes at bay and then knocked A-Kid out of the ring. He then got Grimes up top but Grimes punched him and halted his progress. Strong was right back up and then brought Grimes down hard on his back, but A-Kid then hit a Frog Splash from the other corner on Grimes. Then Santos Escobar popped up in another part of the arena, as did Grayson Waller, while Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams were on Commentary.

Strong was in control again and went to lock in a submission on Grimes but A-Kid broke it up and went for an armbar, only to have Strong slam him down on top of Grimes. Then Strong had both of them in an attempted Boston Crab. Grimes hit both and then sent both to the mat with a double takedown. Grimes knocked down both stars and then hit Strong with a drop-kick in the corner and kicked A-Kid twice before going up top, and then hit a Crossbody on Strong. He followed it up with a slam on A-Kid but Strong saved the match by breaking up the pin.

Strong then got knocked down by Grimes and Grimes caught A-Kid but A-Kid sent him down hard, and everyone was laying on the mat. Strong hit some big chops and A-Kid and Grimes countered with punches. Strong hit A-Kid with a backbreaker and then knocked down Grimes. Then he hit a knee to Grimes and hit A-Kid with another backbreaker. He lifted Grimes and brought him down on double knees and then caught A-Kid and slammed him down on Grimes.

Strong picked up A-Kid and then hit a knee to the face and a slam on double knees, but then Grimes hit a dropkick on Grimes and got the pin and the win! Grimes will now be the final person in the North American Championship Ladder Match.

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