WWE NXT's Candice LeRae Teases Baby Yoda Appearance and Ring Gear

Things are quite good for NXT star Candice LeRae these days, as she is currently making her presence felt on the black and gold brand with a new look, new finisher, and a whole new outlook. What hasn't changed though is her love of Star Wars, and yes, that definitely includes a love of Disney's newest sensation The Mandalorian. She loves all things about the show of course, though there is a special place in her heart for The Child, aka Baby Yoda, and during our conversation with LeRae we had to ask if there was a part she would want to play in the series and if the lovable little guy might ever make an appearance at one of those LeRae and Gargano dinners or on some custom ring gear, and the future seems bright on all counts.

When I asked what part she would want to play in The Mandalorian, LeRae said "Well, I feel like it's too obvious to say The Child, right? I can't tell you how many times I've yelled at the TV when we're watching The Mandalorian and they have The Child and they're either picking him up or he's walking around, and I'm yelling like, 'Somebody kiss this baby. Somebody kiss him.' I just want to like pick him up and kiss his little face, because he's so cute. I love him so much. I just need a million of him. I just want somebody to pick him up and kiss him and just tell him he's amazing. Just tell him he's amazing. I love him."

So while LeRae would not turn down another part in the show by any means, she's also totally up for just being his personal hugger. You know what, let's go Huggerguard. She can take down anyone who threatens him at the drop of a hat, but when things are calm, she's going to dish out some hugs.

"Some people pick him up and put him back down," LeRae said. "I'm like, 'Come on, come on!' You have a baby that cute in your hands and you're not like obsessed with loving this little thing? I pick my puppy up and I have to kiss her. Johnny says I'm kissing her way too much, but I'm like, 'Somebody's gotta kiss her. She's got to know.' I love her."

The Baby Yoda love is real, so that got us thinking about which has the potential to happen first. Does Baby Yoda find his way onto the Gargano's dinner table for a special segment or does LeRae debut some amazing Baby Yoda ring gear?

"Maybe both can happen at the same time, and then I will be living a perfect life," LeRae said.

We're hoping that is indeed the case, because not only would Baby Yoda ring gear look sweet, but imagine a segment where he's just chilling on the table as LeRae and Gargano talk? Yeah, it would be priceless, so fingers crossed it happens.


There is an NXT TakeOver around the corner, so who knows, maybe LeRae and Gargano make good on that Baby Yoda sighting at In Your House this Sunday.

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