WWE NXT's Candice LeRae Beats Mia Yim in Brutal Street Fight

Night 2 of NXT's The Great American Bash kicked off with a Street Fight between Candice LeRae and Mia Yim, and it didn't take long for the fight to start, as Yim interrupted LeRae's entrance and charged her. Once they got in the ring trash cans, chairs, and kendo sticks ended up in the ring, and while LeRae got a shot or two in, Yim punished LeRae with repeated kendo stick shots right after. After all the chaos of the brutal throwdown only one stood victorious, and that was Candice LeRae.

After all the kendo stick shots Yim brought a table into the match, but it was LeRae who would set it up in the corner to punish Yim. Neither could manage to use it though, but they did take turns hurting each other with the ring post.

Yim would then take things outside of the ring, throwing LeRae into the seats around the ring, and the two stars would then start throwing things at each other, including food on the crafts table. Yim would hit LeRae with a tray while LeRae returned the favor and smashed a tray into Yim's back.

LeRae would then take the air out of Yim's attack when she sprayed her with a fire extinguisher, but she couldn't follow up with a suplex, as Yim blocked it and then dropkicked LeRae into a table.

LeRae would bounce back quickly though, getting Yim pinned down in the ring with a chair, followed by driving a chair into Yim's ribs. She would then get more chairs and unload on Yim with a trash can lid, and Yim was hurting.

LeRae would then position the table up on the top ropes and looked to set up Yim, but again Yim would counter and avoid it. LeRae and Yim would trade hard kicks, stunning each other.

Yim managed to get the trash can over LeRae's head and pounded the can with kicks, knocking LeRae for a loop. She then pulled out some brass knuckles, but LeRae blocked the hit with a chair and hit Yim with more chair shots. She then buried Yim with chairs and headed to get on top of the table, but Yim recovered before she could jump. Yim then set up the chairs in th middle of the ring and got up on the table with LeRae, and the table rocked quite a bit.

LeRae got the knuckles from Yim and punched Yim with them, followed by a swinging neck breaker onto the stack of chairs. That knocked Yim out cold, and got LeRae the win.

You can find the official description for tonight's The Great American Bash Night 2 below.

"NXT's Great American Bash promises to conclude with a bang as NXT Champion Adam Cole faces off with North American Champion Keith Lee in a historic Winner Take All Match. Also, Mia Yim and Candice LeRae look to settle their rivalry in a Street Fight, Drake Maverick teams up with Breezango to take on Legado del Fantasma and more!"

Here's the full card for tonight's event.

NXT Champion Adam Cole vs North American Champion Keith Lee in Winner Takes All Match

Mia Yim vs Candice LeRae in Street Fight Match

Drake Maverick and Breezango vs Legado del Fantasma in Six-Man Tag Team Match


Isaiah Swerve Scott vs Johnny Gargano

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