WWE NXT Crowns New North American Champion After Brutal Halloween Havoc Ladder Match

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc started in style, as the first match of the night was the North American Championship Ladder Match between Carmelo Hayes, Von Wagner, Wes Lee, Oro Mensah, and Nathan Frazer, and Hayes took early MVP honors for his entrance with Trick Williams. The match would move at lightning speed and featured some absolutely brutal spots for just about everyone involved. It would come down to Hayes and Lee, who were fighting it out across two intersecting ladders, and Lee would counter Hayes' next move to buy himself just enough time to get up the ladder and grab the Title. Wes Lee is your new NXT North American Champion!

Right off the bat Lee popped Hayes in the face and then Wagner went to work in the ring on Mensah and Frazer, though they brought that to a halt and threw him out of the ring. Then most of the group would get back in the ring after pulling in some ladders, but Hayes was trying to get them to himself. Frazer would keep that from happening and he would intervene again later in the match when Wagner was trying to use a ladder, but that time he ended up taking a slam onto the ladder from Wagner.

Then Wagner hit Lee with the ladder, but he was pushed off a setup ladder by Hayes, who then brought Wagner down and then went up the ladder only to get knocked off by Frazer, who drop-kicked it. Lee would then bring a ladder down onto Frazer in another amazing move, and Mensah joined the action by placing Lee on the ladder and hitting a springboard onto him.

Hayes and Williams combined to slam Mensah down in a brutal way onto the ladder, but Hayes was countered by Frazer, who hit a springboard off the ropes to flip Hayes and bring him down onto the ladder. Lee was able to counter Wagner and then hit two more moves to send him out of the ring, though Hayes dove towards Lee and flipped him over the ropes.

Mensah was up on his feet and by himself in the middle of the ring with a ladder, and he started his climb only to get confronted by Williams, who pushed the ladder over and sent Mensah out of the ring onto everyone else. Williams is afraid of heights so he froze, but then Robert Stone raced up and Williams met him. Williams hit Stone's hand and Stone hit Williams with his shoe, and then Williams knocked over the ladder and Stone went flying.

Wagner was back on his feet and cleared the ring, but after he set up a ladder bridging the barricade to the ring, Frazer would jump off the top rope and split the ladder after hitting a splash on Wagner. Lee then knocked down Frazer, and Mensah took him out only for Hayes to knock him down. He would run into Lee though, but Lee would, unfortunately, get thrown from the ring by Wagner.

Wagner went up the ladder but Frazer knocked him down, though Wagner managed to pick him up only to get knocked over the ropes. Wagner slammed Frazer into the barricade but Mensah intervened and went for a ladder. Then he and Frazer both slammed it into Wagner to knock him over the barricade. Their alliance was short-lived though, as they met each other up on top of the ladder.

Mensah pushed Frazer off the ladder but Hayes stuck another ladder in between the slots. Then he yanked Mensah down onto the ladder and threw him out of the ring. He went climbing toward the Title but Lee followed him and punched him in the back to knock him down. Lee managed to get back up but Hayes caught him. They would continue to fight but Lee pushed Hayes away and raced up the ladder, and he was able to pull it down, becoming the new NXT North American Champion!