Watch What Happened With Finn Balor and Adam Cole After NXT Went Off the Air This Week

As rumors of NXT leaving Wednesday nights continue to swirl, WWE's Black & Gold Brand decided to load up next week's March 10 episode. Not only will William Regal give a "landscape-changing announcement" (this could be anything from a move to Tuesday nights to the NXT Women's Division getting their own set of tag titles), but NXT Champion Finn Balor and NXT Women's Champion Io Shirai will both put their titles on the line against Adam Cole and Toni Storm.

This week's episode went off the air with Balor defeating Roderick Strong in the main event. Cole appeared at the top of the ramp and teased a confrontation with Balor as the screen cut to black.

WWE uploaded footage of what happened inside the Capitol Wrestling Center after the cameras stopped rolling. Cole and Balor were immediately surrounded by half a dozen referees and repeatedly got in each other's face, though neither man ever threw a punch.

Balor famously returned to NXT in 2019 by confronting Cole, who was in the middle of his record-breaking NXT Championship reign at the time. "The Prince" would eventually beat Cole to start his second reign as NXT Champion after Karrion Kross vacated the title last Summer. NXT TakeOver: Vengeance Day ended last month with Balor seemingly joining forces with The Undisputed Era, only for Cole to turn heel once again and attack both Balor and Kyle O'Reilly.

As for NXT's supposed move, nothing about it has been brought up on WWE's end. However, AEW's Cody Rhodes was asked about it during a media conference call on Wednesday afternoon.

"If that's the case, we're no longer going to be opposed on Wednesday night, I'm sure we'll come up with some sort of wonderful statement. I mean what could I say? 'Congratulations to NXT on a successful move to Tuesday nights. The real winners are the fans who can watch NXT and Dynamite live every week as this is a marathon, not a one-night sprint.' I could say that, but I don't want to be sassy or a jerk because I think them moving, perhaps something else will end up on Wednesdays," Rhodes said.


He then pointed out that AEW will likely have some other competition step forward even if NXT does move.

"AEW Dark is on Tuesday, so AEW Dark would potentially be opposed. That's why we can't get into a matter of being reactionary. We just have to put out the best show, we really do If they want to beat us, they have to put out a better show. It's honest competition. Yeah, there's digs and they are fun and light-hearted. Believe me, all the locker rooms tend to love each other. It's more the management that is pointed at one another. Even that, there is a friendly relationship. Tony [Khan] is a different type of management, a different type of executive. I would love us to be alone on Wednesday nights, but I'm prepared for there to be something else to be in that spot."