Omos Splits From AJ Styles, Demolishes the Former WWE Champion on WWE Raw

After weeks of teasing that the pair was on the outs, AJ Styles and Omos finally split as a tag team on this week's Monday Night Raw. The pair were featured on Miz TV where Miz attempted to further drive the wedge between the two, all while Styles claimed they were back on the same page and should start going after every championship on Raw together. Omos was interrupted by the Mysterios before they had the chance to speak, then opted to not tag himself into the subsequent tag match. Styles, recognizing the betrayal, shouted that he never should've taken Omos under his wing and called him a piece of trash. 

The pair began to brawl, ending with the big man easily tossing Styles off his shoulders. He then said the next time Styles would see him in the ring, it would be for a match. 

The split brings an end to a partnership that has been going on for over a year. Styles first introduced Omos as his "own personal colossus" after being drafted to Raw in October 2020. Together, the pair became Raw Tag Team Champions at WrestleMania 37 (making Styles a Grand Slam Champion) and held them up until SummerSlam. 

It was confirmed later in the night that the pair would have their match on next week's Raw:

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