WWE Payback: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax Defeat Sasha Banks and Bayley for Women's Tag Team Titles

Bayley and Sasha Banks walked into WWE Payback on Sunday night with heat between them continuing to simmer with a break-up storyline on the horizon. The two defended their WWE Women's Tag Team Championships against Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler at Payback, a match that saw Baszler and Jax dominate for much of the contest. At one point, Nia picked up Sasha and swung her violently into the ringside barrier.

The mixed-mash team of Baszler and Jax, just recently put together without much rhyme or reason, struggled to have the chemistry that Banks and Bayley have had for months now. Baszler, who seemed like a sure bet to be a main roster star when she was first brought up from NXT, continues to struggle with her presence in the ring after some questionable booking for the last several months. It is uncertain if this teaming with Nia Jax will help her or not. However, she is getting a run with a title for the first time on WWE Raw, as we saw a title change on Sunday night during Payback.

Late in the match, Baszler made a blind tag and locked in the Kirifuda Clutch on Bayley. Banks ran in to break it up and Baslzer took her out, locked Sasha's legs in a grapevine, and put the Clutch on Bayley. She then used Sasha's arm for more leverage on Bayley until she (Bayley) tapped out, a cool looking finish.


After the match they talked about "one belt Bayley and no belts Banks." Tamina and Shayna spoke in the ring after the match about how they aren't exactly friends but they're going to run with this as champions.