Watch: Kevin Owens Breaks out a Parkour Move During WWE Raw Fist Fight

Mere days after John Morrison brought his Parkour stunts back to WWE television, Kevin Owens upped the ante with his own impressive move on Monday Night Raw. During the six-man Fist Fight main event match, Owens ran up the side of the Raw entrance ramp, jumped off at its highest point and hit both Akam and Rezar with a senton. Owens and Samoa Joe would continue to brawl with The AOP on the entrance ramp, culminating in the two heels powerbombing Joe onto Owens and sending both men crashing through the commentary table.


Meanwhile in the ring Seth Rollins struggled to take down Big Show, so he pleaded with Buddy Murphy (who was still in shock after losing to Aleister Black for the third straight time) to help him. Murphy obliged, nailed Show with a low blow and helped Rollins drive the big man through a table.

Minutes later, Rollins and AOP were crowned the winners and celebrated alongside Murphy.