Watch: Randy Orton Reveals His Knee Injury Was Fake, RKO's AJ Styles

Randy Orton pulled a Mark Henry on this week's Monday Night Raw, as "The Viper" AJ Styles and all of the fans in the arena into thinking that he was on the verge of retirement due to a knee injury. For those who missed it Orton had to be helped to the back during a live show on Sunday night when he awkwardly landed on his knee after an RKO attempt. He then arrived at Raw in a wheel chair and hobbled his way to the ring on crutches during the show's third hour. He started off by saying he had seen so many wrestlers of the years relinquish championships and announce their retirements because of injury, specifically mentioning Edge.

He then said that he heard something pop in his knee on Sunday, and that he'd be out until at least WrestleMania 36. AJ Styles then sauntered his way out to the ring to gloat about Orton's injury, saying he'd gladly end his career at WrestleMania by attacking that injured knee. He kicked away one of Orton's crutches and almost left the ring before Orton goaded him back in. "The Viper" suddenly dropped the other crutch and nailed Styles with an RKO, revealing the whole thing was a ruse.


Photo: Instagram/@WWE