D-Generation X and The NWO Brawl With The O.C. During WWE Raw Reunion

The O.C., formerly known as The Club, wound up in a jaw-dropping brawl during the special Raw Reunion Episode of Monday Night Raw.

During a bout between AJ Styles and Seth Rollins, Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson attempted to get involved by hitting the ring. Rollins retreated, which led to Triple H and Shawn Michaels arriving in their D-Generation X here. The match restarted after commercial break, only for the heel faction to hit the ring again and cause a disqualification. A face-off then started, with the heel trio trying to get DX to give them the "Too Sweet" hand sign. Hunter and Michaels gave the "Suck It!" taunt instead, leading to a brawl between the six men.


Road Dogg and X-Pac hit the ring, followed close behind by Kevin Nash and Scott Hall (wearing their New World Order shirts). The group chased off The O.C., which led to Rollins telling the three to "suck it!" to close out the segment.