Watch: Seth Rollins Attacks Rey Mysterio, Challenges Him to United States Championship Match on WWE Raw

Seth Rollins opened Monday Night Raw this week by cutting yet another promo explaining his actions last week, where he turned heel, attacked Kevin Owens backstage and aligned himself with The AOP. He then apologized i advance for what would happen later in the night, saying that a score needed to be settled. Fast forward to Raw's third hour, which saw a six-man gauntlet match end when Andrade hit Humberto Carrillo with a Hammerlock DDT on the exposed concrete outside the ring. Rey Mysterio ran out to check on Carrillo, but before he could make his way backstage Rollins, Akam and Rezar arrived.

The three proceeded to beat down Mysterio. Rollins teased using the metal pipe Mysterio had loaned to Owens the week before, but said he was doing him a favor by showing he was a "Merciful Leader." But just before he left the ring Rollins bashed Mysterio's head in with a Curb Stomp.


In a backstage interview Rollins said he wanted to "display dominance" over the rest of the roster, and challenged Mysterio to a United States Championship match on the Dec. 23 episode (which was also being taped that night).