WWE Report Reveals New Details on Plans for Several Released Stars

Many WWE fans are still processing the latest round of releases by World Wrestling Entertainment, and a new report from Fightful Select reveals a few more details on several superstars affected by them and what was happening with them before their release. That includes details on Katrina Cortez, Keith Lee, Karrion Kross, Scarlett, and Mia Yim, and let's start with Cortez. Cortez was drafted from NXT to team up with Sin Cara in 2019, but Sin Cara has said there were not any real plans for them, and they just happened to put over Andrade and Zelina during their brief time together.

Sin Cara would then ask for his release after being told the character was "dead", and then Cortez would move back to NXT, and while there were no plans for her at the time it seems, she has recently been part of 205 Live.

Next is Keith Lee, and internal sources stressed that the reboots for Lee (Bearcat) and Karrion Kross were not their ideas. Lee has gone on to comment on that himself, saying that he did not come up with the Bearcat idea. At least Lee was still featured on television though, as Mia Yim was drafted but not really used aside from her brief time as Reckoning in Retribution. 

That group was broken up and she never returned to TV as the Yim we saw in NXT. Evidently there were several tentative plans to have her on shows, and internally she had been moved between brands a few times, but nothing ever came to fruition.

As for Kross and Scarlett, the sources say that WWE was looking at Scarlett as a wrestler on her own as part of either Raw or SmackDown, but then she was "sidelined". Sources say that several pushed for Scarlett to be reunited with Kross, and while rumors said that Kross was getting heat within WWE, several others went to bat for him about the direction of his character and how he was booked.

As previously reported, there were plans for another repackaging of Kross, but most within the company said that booking was the biggest issue, not the characters. Wherever Kross and Scarlett go next, odds are they will reunite as a team once more.

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