The Revival File for Shatter Machine Trademark

The latest chapter in the "Will The Revival Leave The WWE" ongoing story took another turn this week. It started off on Saturday when Scott Dawson tweeted out "Guys, it's time to go away for a while until we get everything figured out. See ya soon." Fans assumed this had something to do with Dawson and Dash Wilder's uncertain futures in the WWE (they've reportedly turned down multiple offers from WWE for new contracts and are set to be free agents in the first half of 2020), so much so that Dawson had to come back and clarify that he wasn't talking about stepping away from WWE.

But then things took another turn on Monday. PWInsider reported that Dawson and Wilder personally filed for the "Shatter Machine" trademark, the name of their finishing move. The filing was for both merchandise and to be used in a professional wrestling capacity, meaning the two could use the name (possibly the name of their team) if they were to leave the WWE. The company has the trademark rights to The Revival, to the team would have to change its name if it wanted to keep competing in other promotions.


The pair failed to beat Kofi Kingston and Big E in a Ladder Match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships back at TLC. Shortly before the match they confronted Booker T about the possibility of he and Stevie Ray coming out of retirement and reforming Harlem Heat for a possible dream match, but it never came to fruition. Booker personally gave WWE a deadline to make the call about a return, but that deadline passed with no announcements.

"A fight is one thing, a match is something totally different. I think these guys look at me and my brother like we're two jabronies that ain't ready to fight," Booker said during a recent podcast episode. "These guys talking about a match. Me and my brother ain't off to wrestling nobody right now. But if they talking about a fight? I'm down. I ain't got time to putting on my trunks and boots and trying to dress up like one of these guys on the roster. I'm a businessman. These guys (are) trying to make a name for themselves, and they trying to do that at the expense of Booker T and Stevie Ray. I ain't no chump and I ain't backing out of no fight anytime soon.